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Invest in the Future of CMR by Investing in the Next
Generation of SCMR Physicians and Scientists!

Donate to the SCMR Research & Education Fund Today

You have the power to advance the field of CMR by ensuring new SCMR
physicians and scientists worldwide have access to the educational resources,
grant money and global access they need to support the improvement of
cardiovascular health by donating to the SCMR Research & Education Fund.

The Fund was created to support the next generation of gifted and determined
SCMR physicians and scientists in three distinct ways:

  • The Power of Travel: Travel awards enable SCMR members to garner new
    knowledge by enabling them to attend SCMR Annual Scientific Sessions,
    educational courses and scientific workshops.

  • The Power of New Research: SCMR Seed Grants provide sustained funding
    to foster research in the CMR field, thus ensuring continued breakthrough
    discoveries and advancement within the field.

  • The Power of Reaching the Underserved: The SCMR Research & Education
    Fund  ensure that CMR scientists and physicians working in economically
    challenged regions of the world have equal and fair opportunities to
    contribute to the field.

Please Make Our Goal a Reality

Launched in 2017, SCMR is committed to raising $60,000  for the Research & Education Fund this year. There are many ways you can make this goal a reality, at a variety of levels. Won’t you help? 

Contributions are fully deductible as charitable contributions and you will receive a receipt for federal income tax purposes in the USA. All donors will be acknowledged on the website. If you prefer not to have your name listed, please indicate in the "comment" section when you donate.

View Research & Education Fund Success Stories. Thank you to those who have donated!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact SCMR Headquarters.

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