Fetal CMR and CMR During Pregnancy
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Brief Description of Need:

 Imaging of the pregnant woman and the fetus poses new opportunities to apply the field of CMR as well as several new challenges.


 This working group will provide a forum to discuss and share knowledge about what to consider for IRB / ethical permissions, discussions regarding safety, how to validate CMR methods and what needs to be validated, share technical knowledge and strategies to acquire high-quality images, how and when fetal CMR can be clinically indicated, how to position women comfortably in the scanner without influencing the physiology, and so on.


For fetal CMR: 1) Exchange experiences and update each other on how fetal imaging is performed at different labs; 2) Discuss ways to perform fetal CMR imaging in a way that increases clinical utility; 3) Collaborate with the ISMRM Placenta & Fetus Study Group on technical advancements and validation studies; 4) Provide a fetal CMR session at future SCMR meetings, where long-term goals include educational sessions and to write a position paper on the current status of the field and suggestions on how to move forward.

For pregnancy: 1) Identify more colleagues with interest to begin utilizing or increase use of CMR in pregnant women; 2) Identify needs and goals for this field.

Chair/Steering Committee Names:

Chair – Katarina Steding-Ehrenborg, Lund University Sweden

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