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Stephen Darty


This group is open to any SCMR member. If you are interested in being a part of this group, attending the meetings and receiving updates on group activities, please join.

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Technologist Section

The Technologist Section of SCMR was formed in 1998 to advance the education of technologists worldwide in the field of CMR. In addition, it was designed to complement technologist education with an open format of intercommunication through website access to protocols, glossary of terms, CMR references and suggested reading, cross vendor lexicon, and a list of CMR technologist courses. To help obtain this education goal an Annual Technologist Workshop was developed to correspond with the Annual SCMR Scientific Sessions. The workshop has grown to approximately 2.5 days with invited speakers from international centers of excellence in CMR.

Section Members:

Stephen Darty, Chair

Alison Fletcher

Benny Lawton

Patricia Feuchter

Gabe Link

Jen Bryant

Joti Gill

Nicole Freitag

Ralph Gentry

Ron Williams

Wendy Norman


Resources and Protocols can be found in the Technologist File Cabinet or in the "How I do" section of the website (must be a member to access).



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