Philip Batchelor
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Philip Batchelor

Philip Batchelor remains in our memories as a bright mind with an impressive commitment to mathematical detail and, above all, as a very fine person.

Among his many fields of activity, Philip made significant contributions to CMR by defining non-rigid motion correction as an image reconstruction problem. The idea of formulating MR signal encoding in the presence of motion in matrix form triggered a very successful field of research, which subsequently permitted significant advances in treating and correcting motion artifacts in CMR perfusion, cine and angiographic imaging.

Philip was born in St Austell, UK but grew up in a small village near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. He studied Theoretical Physics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland before continuing towards a PhD degree in Mathematics, which he obtained in 1997 from the same institution. Thereafter he decided to go back to his country of birth and joined King’s College London to work on the application of mathematical principles in MRI. In 2005 he moved to the University College London before returning to King’s College in 2006 to become a Senior Lecturer for Imaging Sciences.

Philip was a committed teacher and was patiently assisting his colleagues and students with tutorials in mathematics. He recognized the need for education within the medical imaging academic community and organized a highly successful “Maths for Medical Imaging” summer school, which has since formed the basis of an ongoing component of the Kings College Medical Physics Masters program.

The scope of Philip’s research extended further including diffusion tensor reconstructions of the beating heart. He and his group were the first to present 3D fiber reconstructions of the in-vivo heart of humans. Compressed sensing also attracted his interest more recently. His work on k–t group sparse methods has significantly pushed the acceleration limits for dynamic MRI of the heart. 

Philip died in a climbing accident on 30 August 2011.

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