COVID-19 Registry
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SCMR COVID-19 Registry

There is a clinical need to understand CV complications of COVID-19 and few centers will have large numbers of scans from which to draw substantive conclusions.

Our goal of the SCMR COVID-19 Registry are:

  1. Characterize prevalence and patterns of CV complications of COVID-19
  2. Align CMR imaging protocols (minimum pulse sequence set)
  3. Align clinical data collection/reporting (minimum data element set)
  4. Increase generalizability and statistical power of observations (numbers/geographic representation)


If you wish to join and contribute images and clinical data to the SCMR COVID-19 Registry, the first step is for your institution to sign the Participation Agreement:

SCMR COVID-19 Registry Participation Agreement | PDF


Study Protocol: Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) recommended CMR protocols for scanning patients with active or convalescent phase COVID-19 infection


Why should I participate? 

  • Opportunities for research, collaboration, and generating publications that prove the value of CMR to the benefit of the entire field.
  • Each center will maintain control of its own data, opting in or out of any approved research study.
  • Help the scientific community better understand the impact of COVID-19 infection on the heart.
  • Characterize the spectrum of cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) findings in COVID-19 patients and provide a forum for clinicians and investigators to share data and collaborate.



  1. How do I/my institution participate in the SCMR COVID-19 registry?

    There are two main regulatory steps to the process.  If your institution requires a data sharing agreement, SCMR has a simplified form available for you/your institution to review and sign.  Institution review board / research ethics regulations differ across country/institution, and please determine based on your local policy whether specific approval to enroll patients in a research registry is required.  If yes, you will need to obtain local IRB/research ethics approval.

    Once both steps are completed, you/your institution will then be given an account and for each patient/scan, you will upload images to a central cloud based server as well as input clinical data into a case report form linked to the images.  We estimate that the clinical data entry will take no more than 15 minutes per case.  We will not ask for identifying information, and all dates stored in the server will be “anonymized” by applying a random time shift so that we will be able to determine the sequence and interval between events, but not the actual date.

  2. What type(s) of patients is the Registry seeking?

    The registry is interested in a) patients with positive PCR test for COVID-19 who undergo CMR study within a 6 month time window, b) patients without positive PCR test, but in whom the physician most responsible for the patient has documented that clinical suspicion for COVID-19 infection remains high.  (We have not decided yet whether to include patients with positive COVID-19 antibodies who undergo CMR.)

  3. If my site is already participating in the SCMR Registry, do we need to sign a separate agreement to join the SCMR COVID-19 Registry?

    No, the general SCMR Registry Participation Agreement covers it; a separate agreement is not needed.

  4. What is the anticipated workflow?
  1. Identify patient who meets inclusion criteria, and meets local research regulatory criteria for participation.
  2. Complete the CMR scan (or verify the completed scan meets basic inclusion criteria – T2 weighted imaging, cine imaging, late gadolinium enhancement imaging).
  3. Upload the scan via a web-based portal.The portal will automatically anonymize the images, but if your local institution requires image anonymization locally, please do so as well.
  4. Complete the case report form (CRF).
  5. Review cases.Once you have contributed at least 1 case, you will be able to see the entire COVID-19 registry listing of cases by institution and their corresponding images.There will be a mechanism to join online discussions of cases, which we hope will spur clinical and research collaborations
  6. Publications* – priority of manuscripts to be determined by the publication committee with an emphasis on maximizing inclusion of contributing authors.


*For Publications – The priority of manuscripts is to be determined by the publication committee.  Authorship will be determined by the publication committee in collaboration with the core writing group, with an emphasis on maximizing inclusion of contributing authors.  Beyond the core writing group, the goal is to have each contributing institution be represented by 1 author, and in the cases of institutions contributing an exceptional number of cases, to allow more than 1 author to be represented on the pertinent publication.




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