COVID-19 Case Collection


SCMR has created a repository of CMR cases in patients with COVID-19 infection. The goal of this case collection is to provide a rapid reference of the CMR findings associated with the infection and to create an educational resource for all involved in the care of patients with COVID-19 infection.

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Submitted cases will be fast-tracked for peer-review by the web committee and can be listed as a peer reviewed web publication on CV’s. Cases will initially be posted on the SCMR homepage and then be available in an archive for reference purposes.


How to Submit a COVID-19 Case


Please click the link ‘Submit Case’ to begin the submission process. All cases should be submitted in a word document in the format listed below. 

Please include a title and list all authors and their institution, town and country**

**No addendums will be made to the author list once the case is officially submitted.

   Maximum of 3 authors per case

Cases should include the following minimal information and material, with the option to include additional information where available:

a) Clinical History – Brief description of the case presentation as it pertains to COVID-19.  Please include presenting symptoms with duration, therapy prior to CMR, any comorbidities, and inpatient status. If available, levels of serum biomarkers such as Troponin, BNP and others can be added, but are not mandatory. Where available, images of other relevant investigations may be included.

b) CMR Findings – Please provide a description of the main CMR findings. Please choose key still frames that highlight the CMR findings to be submitted separately. Cine, T2 weighted and late gadolinium enhancement images should usually be included, but cases where not all these images are available may also be considered . T1 pre/post contrast maps, ECV, and T2 maps are optional, but encouraged where available. Any other images that highlight key findings of the case can be added.

c) Conclusion – Final CMR impression.  Update on the current clinical status of the patient is encouraged.

Key Images:

Still frame images that highlight the CMR findings should be submitted separately in .JPG, .TIFF, .GIF, or .BMP format.  Movies can be submitted as .MPEG, .MOV, .AVI, or .MP4 format. DICOMS are also acceptable.




Once the text and key images submission has been received by the COVID-19 Case Repository Review team, the Editor will review the submission.  If the case will be considered for full review, the author will receive a separate communication from the Editor.  A webpage will be created for review by the COVID-19 Case Repository team. 


Case of the Week is a peer reviewed online publication that can be listed in your CV. 

Authors name. Title of the case. Webpage corresponding to your case:

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