2018 SCMR Foundations of CMR Workshop: CHicago, IL - Proceedings
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Assessment of the Left Ventricle  

Introduction - Value of a Joint Cardiology Radiology Cardiac Imaging Program
David Paushter, MD, University of Chicago

What I Want to Know About the Left Ventricle: A Cardio-Oncologist’s Perspective
Jeanne DeCara, MD, University of Chicago

 Assessment of LV and RV Function Using CMR
Amit Patel, MD, University of Chicago

Myocardial Tissue Characterization Using CMR
Luis Landeras, MD, University of Chicago

Echocardiography in the Future
Roberto Lang, MD, University of Chicago


CMR, Arrhythmia, and Safety

Atrial Fibrillation, LA Fibrosis, and LA Function
Mark Rabbat, MD, Loyola University

CMR in Patients with Pacemakers and ICDs
Mushabbar Syed, MD, Loyola University


Ischemic Heart Disease and Non-Ischemic Heart Disease 

Infiltrative Cardiomyopathy: An Essential Role for CMR
Amit Patel, MD, University of Chicago

What I Want to Know from an Imaging Test About Ischemia and Viability: An Interventional Cardiologist’s Perspective
John Blair, MD, University of Chicago

Cardiac Stress MRI: Detection of Ischemia
Daniel Lee, MD, Northwestern Medicine


CMR Physics and Safety 

What is LGE, T1-mapping, T2-mapping, and T2-star: MRI Physics for the Clinician
Keigo Kawaji, PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology

What is CMR Flow Imaging and How Does it Work: 2D and Beyond?
Michael Markl, PhD, Northwestern University

MRA Current and Future Applications
Robert Edelman, MD, NorthShore University HealthSystem


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