Request for SCMR Endorsement of Educational Programs
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If you are interested in having a meeting endorsed,
please review the SCMR criteria and submit a form below. 

Criteria for seeking SCMR Endorsement of Educational Programs:

Meetings must:

  • Have a member either as planner or on faculty
  • Have a recognized faculty and diverse subject matter
  • Have defined learning objectives for overall course and specific sessions
  • Not be in conflict with the timing or geographic location of the SCMR Annual Scientific Sessions or other sessions in which SCMR has a vested interest.
  • Have a significant portion of the program dedicated to CMR.

Organizers must agree:

  • To forward a complete list of attendees to SCMR HQ for purposes of membership solicitation.
  • To display SCMR materials at the course site
  • To use the SCMR logo in its proper format, shape, and color (i.e., no distortion of the logo is permitted)
  • To donate a complimentary registration (1/100 expected attendees for a maximum of two free registrations)
    for SCMR to distribute to a fellow/technologist of SCMR's choosing.

Note: Recurrent or annual educational events must seek endorsement each time the program is organized; no ongoing endorsement is issued by SCMR.

Please submit the form below with a faculty list and syllabus for SCMR to review. 

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