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Do I need to be an SCMR member to apply? Yes, only SCMR members are eligible to receive the designation of FSCMR.
Are all SCMR members eligible to apply?  No, only Regular, Technologist, and Associate members are eligible to apply.  As Trainee members are early in their career, they are not eligible for FSCMR. Click here to see how early career/ Trainee members can prepare for FSCMR eligibility. 
I see that three years of consecutive membership are required. Can some of those years be as a Trainee member? Yes, but no more than two of the three years may be as Trainee Member.
Is there a minimum number of years that an applicant must be out of training?  No, there is no requirement for number of years out of training.
Can physicians and technologists apply through the Research Track?  Yes, the Research Track is designed for any SCMR member involved in research, regardless of degree or specialty.
 Is the FSCMR designation different depending on which track I apply for? No. All three pathways: Clinical, Research and Technologist lead to the same FSCMR designation. 
How do I apply? Visit the FSCMR page and complete the application for your track. (Clinical, Research, or Technologist)
Does it matter which internet browser I use when completing the application? Chrome is the optimal browser to use when completing your FSCMR application.  Also, for best performance, be sure to disable pop up blockers for the SCMR website. 
What is considered a “complete application”?

Applications are considered "complete" if they include: 

  • Application fee
  • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Online Application
  • Verification documents such as SCMR Level II or III (Clinical Track); MRI Technologist Certificate (Technologist Track); and other required documentation.

    Click here to view criteria for all tracks.
What documentation is required to verify that I have performed the required number of cases? (Clinical or Technology Track)

A letter from your institution or lab director is all that is necessary. TEMPLATE AVAILABLE 


If I am currently the lab director, can I write my own letter verifying that I have performed the required number of cases? 

No, if you are the lab director, you will need to get a letter of verification from your department chair.
Also note that c
ase log books will not be accepted. 

I see that SCMR Level II or III certification is required for Clinical Track. I am Level III certified, but not by SCMR, is this acceptable? 

No, applicants using the Clinical Track to apply must hold a SCMR issued Level II or III certification. If you do not have a Level II or III Letter of Certification from SCMR, please apply here before applying for FSCMR. 

Can I submit documents or payment separately from the application?  All documentation and fees must be submitted together with the completed online application. If there is a special situation where this is not possible, contact HQ@SCMR.org directly.
Failure to submit a “complete” application may result in delay or unapproved application.
When will I be notified?

 Applicants will be notified via email at the following times: 

  • Upon receipt of the FSCMR Appliclation
  • When there is a request from SCMR for additional information needed or if application is incomplete
  • When the application is considered complete
  • When the FSCMR is approved or needs to be resubmitted
How often are FSCMR applications reviewed? SCMR Applications will be reviewed and approved on a quarterly basis. Application deadlines are March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1.
How long will it take to receive my FSCMR? 

Up to ten weeks. Since applications are reviewed quarterly, it can take up to eight weeks from the application date. You will then be notified within the two weeks following. 

Questions about your FSCMR application can be directed to hq@scmr.org

What if I am not approved?  Applicants will be provided with specific reasons why they are not approved and will have the opportunity to address the issues before the next quarter deadline at no additional charge. If the issues are not resolved by the next quarter deadline, applicants will need to reapply and pay an additional application fee. 
How do I reapply if my application is not approved?  If your application is not approved and you fail to address the issues after an additional deadline has passed, you will need to reapply in the same way you initially applied. To reapply, you must complete the online form again, resubmit the documentation and pay the application fee.
Do I need to renew my FSCMR?  No, once you are approved for FSCMR, your designation will stay active as long as your SCMR membership remains current, including the additional yearly fee for FSCMR.
What if I let my membership lapse in the future?  If a SCMR member lapses in dues and/or yearly FSCMR fee, the member will have to purchase a multi-year membership prospectively (three consecutive years); reapply for the designation; and pay the application fee again.
What if I remain a member, but do not pay the yearly FSCMR fee?  If a member allows the FSCMR designation to lapse by not paying the annual fee, then they would need to reapply for FSCMR to regain fellowship status. It should be noted that FSCMR is not something one should jump in and out of since its designation is recognition of one's dedication to the Society.
What is the application fee? 

Clinical & Research Tracks - $200 application fee and annual SCMR Membership dues will increase by $100 to maintain your FSCMR status, beginning with your next membership renewal.

Technologist Track - $75 application fee and annual SCMR Membership dues will increase by $30 to maintain your FSCMR status, beginning with your next membership renewal.

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