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From Scotland to the u.s. - Education Fund Makes Presentation to Colleagues A Reality

Dr. Nick Spath received a SCMR Travel Award and attended the SCMR Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.  As a cardiology trainee at the University of Edinburgh, UK, he is undertaking a PhD in cardiac imaging. The award allowed him to travel from Edinburgh, Scotland to the U.S. and engage with his colleagues.

He presented his work to experts in the field who offered constructive advice. He is appreciative of the opportunity and feedback and as he noted, “looks forward to supporting the SCMR moving forward.”

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Scientists like Juliet Varghese, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, OH, USA, has benefited significantly from the Regional Travel Award granted through the Fund.

Using the travel award, I participated in the SCMR Annual Scientific Sessions in Washington, D.C. and was able to meet with senior scientists and clinicians. I received technical advice and input into the clinical implementation of my work and discussed opportunities for collaborative research.

For those who helped to make this valuable opportunity available to Dr. Varghese, thank you for supporting the Fund.

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By contributing to the SCMR Research & Education Fund, scientists like Yibin Xie, PhD, benefit.

Dr. Xie, who is working on developing novel CMR-based techniques to better understand Coronary Artery Disease, received a SCMR Regional Travel Award and attended the SCMR Annual Meeting. At the conference he met with pioneers in his field and received vital feedback that he is using to refine and advance his research.

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I received a Travel Award and attended the 2017 Meeting in Washington, D.C. This was the first year of my PhD and it was a great opportunity to define the basis for my study questions and design. I received excellent feedback from well reputed experts in the field and it was great to speak to people whose work I had read so much about. I have built collaborations in the USA and South Africa since then to build on MRI for cardiac device patients and machine learning techniques in analysis.

~Anish Bhuva
  Heart Hospital, University College of London, London, UK

I received travel support from the Research and Education Fund, which helped me attend the CMR 2018 meeting, present my work and expand interest in my research to beyond the scope of my institution. SCMR financial support offers trainees like me valuable opportunities to connect with the field and strengthen our research.

~Xiaoying Cai
  University of Virginia, VA United States

Through the research support provided by SCMR, I have been able to learn how resonance is useful for diagnosing myocarditis and how it can be used to treat patients.

 ~Lorena Squassante Capeline
PhD student, Universidade Federal de São Paulo and Fellow in Cardiovascular Imaging, Cardiac Tomographic and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance, DASA - Diagnósticos da América S/A

The CMR 2018 Travel Award made it possible for me to present at this year’s CMR 2018 Case Session and to attend high quality educational sessions relevant to my research interests. The travel award are so important to trainees, especially those in the early stages of their careers, because it allows them to participate in international meetings.

~Dr. David Corcoran
  Cardiology Registrar and BHF Clinical Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, Scotland

With funding provided through SCMR, I was able to present my work on an international stage. The presentation stimulated interest among clinicians hoping to apply my research in their clinical spheres and has opened up new opportunities for collaborations. The pressures on junior researchers to produce high-quality impactful work in a short time frame are considerable. The SCMR Fund allows researchers to disseminate their work more broadly and accelerate this process.

~Dr. Timothy Dawes
  Imperial College London, UK

The support from SCMR allowed me to discover what other researchers around the world are accomplishing and the ways in which they are advancing the field of CMR. I also had the opportunity to present my research. Young researchers benefit from continued donor support. Participating in meetings puts them in touch with leaders in the field and exposes them to new and advanced CMR technologies and methods.

~Dr. Andrew D’Silva
St. George’s University of London, UK

I met Dr. Harold Litt, Chief of Cardiovascular Imaging section, Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, at a national conference in India in 2017 endorsed by SCMR. I eventually joined his team as a visiting research fellow in cardiovascular imaging. The SCMR travel award made it easier for me to attend the CMR 2018, a joint SCMR/EACVI meeting in Barcelona, Spain 2018. I was selected to present a paper titled, “Determination of Conducting Channels from LGE CMR in patients with Myocardial Infarction-Comparison with Electro anatomic Mapping for Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation,” and this study was then selected as one of the best moderated e-posters at the conference! This was an enriching experience for me.
Continued donor support is important because it enables young research fellows like me to travel across the world and meet stalwarts in the field of CMR. It allows us young trainees to broaden our perspectives for the exciting field of cardiovascular imaging and also provides support and encouragement for presenting our work at such significant CMR meetings.

 ~Avanti Gulhane, MD/DNB (Radiology)
 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA United States

As an engineer it was very fruitful to meet cardiologists from all over the globe at the 2018 CMR Meeting and I increased by understanding of the daily challenges in the practice of CMR. The Research and Education gives young researchers a chance to participate in these essential meetings that provide both inspiration and knowledge.

~John Heerfordt, MSc
  CHUV & University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

I was truly honored to attend my first international CMR conference with the travel support from the Research and Education Fund. The opportunity enhanced my understanding and improved my knowledge in the field, and allowed me to engage with international colleagues and fellows and present my research to a global CMR community. Continued SCMR Fund donor support cultivates world-class scientific talent and produces breakthrough discoveries in the field.

~Dr. Noor Khairiah A. Karim, MBBS (UM), MRad (UM)
Advanced Medical & Dental Institute, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kepala Batas,  Pulau Pinang, Fellowship in Cardiac Imaging (NHCS), Malaysia

As a fellow, I did not believe that there was an opportunity for me to attend the international CMR meeting, but the Travel Award provided me with the financial means that made it possible for me to participate. I am from South Korea and often fellows from Asian countries hesitate to attend these valuable meetings because of the relatively short congress period, lengthy travel time and significant cost. SCMR Travel Awards help to remove at least one of the obstacles.

~Moon Young Kim, SMG-SNU
  Boramae Medical Center, Korea

Thanks to the generosity of those who contributed to the SCMR Research and Education Fund, I was able to participate in the CMR 2018 Meeting in Barcelona. While at the meetings, I met with experts in the field, presented my eCase and received feedback from attendees. I learned about the latest CMR development in pediatric and congenital cardiology from world experts. The experience also opened up networking opportunities, enriched my experience in this field and strengthened my resolve to pursue pediatric and congenital CMR with even more enthusiasm. SCMR donors play a vital role in helping young trainees and practitioners gain exposure to new insights and knowledge in CMR. This support also ensures that professionals from all backgrounds are able to participate and be part of the expansion of CMR.

~Dr. Wooi Kok Lim
  Pediatric & Congenital Cardiologist, Malaysia

As a recipient of a 2017 Travel Award, I attended a SCMR Meeting. This experience not only expanded my professional perspective, it inspired me to pursue additional education in the field of CMR.


~Jacqui Meeks, MBA, RT
  Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States

The travel support I received from SCMR gave me an invaluable opportunity to attend the annual scientific meeting, participate in discussions about emerging CMR techniques, present my research on MR-guided electrophysiology and network with colleagues from all over the world. As a result, I have been able to pursue opportunities to form new collaborations and continue to explore my research interests.

~Dr. Rahul Mukherjee
  King’s College London, England

Because of the SCMR travel award, I attended a SCMR conference and made a poster and oral presentation on diffusion MRI in congenital heart disease. It was a great opportunity to network and be part of the cardiac diffusion MRI workshop and discuss new methods and projects.The travel award is especially important to researchers from remote places because it provides the means for them to participate in key conferences. When researchers with diverse backgrounds from different locations come together it fosters new ideas for addressing technical and clinical challenges in CMR.

 ~Cyril Tous 
University of Aukland, New Zealand


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