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Travel Grant Opens Doors for Post-Doctoral Fellow at SCMR Scientific Sessions

Scientists like Juliet Varghese, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow, has benefited significantly from the Regional Travel Award granted through the Fund.

Using the Travel Award, Dr. Varghese participated in the 20th SCMR Annual Scientific Sessions in D.C. and was able to meet with senior scientists and clinicians and receive technical advice and input into the clinical implementation of her work, as well as discuss opportunities for collaborative research.

For those who helped to make this valuable opportunity available to Dr. Varghese, thank you for supporting the Fund.

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Travel Grant Helps Puts Scientist in Touch with Research Pioneers

By contributing to the SCMR Research & Education Fund, scientists like Yibin Xie, PhD, benefit.

Dr. Xie, who is working on developing novel CMR-based techniques to better understand Coronary Artery Disease, received a SCMR Regional Travel Award and attended the SCMR Annual Meeting. At the conference he met with pioneers in his field and received vital feedback that he is using to refine and advance his research.

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From Scotland to US: Education Fund Makes Presentation to Colleagues A Reality

Dr. Nick Spath received a SCRM Travel Award and attended the 2017 SCRM Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. As a cardiology trainee, undertaking a PhD in cardiac imaging, the award allowed him to travel from Edinburgh, Scotland to the U.S. and engage with his colleagues.

He presented his work to experts in the field who offered constructive advice. He is appreciative of the opportunity and feedback and as he noted, “looks forward to supporting the SCMR moving forward.”

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