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SCMR Speakers Travel for international outreach

SCMR established the International Outreach Program in 2014 to promote the clinical value of CMR in patient care and to advance imaging science by expanding CMR education globally.

 2019-2020 International Outreach Activities:

Meeting/Organizer Location Date(s) SCMR Speakers
 India Penn Hands-on-CMR Course Level II Bengaluru, India  February 28 - March 6, 2020  Dr. Ron Jacob
Dr. Victor Ferrari 
 The Cardiology Imaging National Meeting  Brasilia, Brazil April 15-18, 2020   
 CMR Congress of South Africa  Cape Town, South Africa  Oct. 31 -
Nov. 2, 2019
 Dr. Andy Powell
The Cardiac Radiology National Meeting   San Paulo, Brazil  Oct 4-5, 2019  
 IACI - Indian Association of Cardiac Imaging: 9th Annual Meeting  Japipur, India  Sept. 26-28, 2019  
4th China Chapter of Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance    Wuhan, China  Sept. 20-22, 2019  Dr. Yuchi Han 
 Cardiovascular Imaging Department of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology Sao Paulo, Brazil  April 11-13, 2019   Dr. James Moon
ASCI -  Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging Taipei, Taiwan March 21-23, 2019 Dr. Vanessa Ferreira
Dr. Michael Markl
 India Penn Hands-on-CMR Course Level II Bengaluru, India  February 28- March 6, 2019  Dr. Yuchi Han
 Rapid Cardiac Magnetic Project and Conference  Lima, Peru January 26-27, 2019   Dr. Ron Jacob

SCMR also provides a one-time, one-year free associate membership to all attendees from international outreach supported meetings. For more information on the International Outreach program and meeting criteria please click here.

To view meetings from previous years, visit International Outreach Archives.









International Team visiting Peru:

  • Professor James Moon, University College London and Barts Heart Centre
  • Dr. Ron Jacob, SCMR Outreach Committee
  • Dr. Malcolm Walker, University College London
  • Dr. Kris Knott, BHF research fellow, University College London
  • Dr. Redha Boubertakh, Physics, Barts Heart Centre
  • Dr. Katia Menacho, University College London

• 140 patients scanned on 6 scanners, 2 cities over the 4 full days equivalent
• 55 live cases on Sunday 27th of January (reporting session Rapid CMR course)
• Average scan time 20 mins

Total number of participants in Peru – 26th and 27th of January 2019

1-day level 1 seminar course: 142 attendees

  • Cardiologists: 50%
  • Radiologists: 14%
  • Technologists: 17%
  • Trainees (cardiology and radiology): 19%

1-day hands-on training and reporting session course: 128 participants
who also attended the 1-day seminar course, including one foreign participant from Paraguay

  1. Live scanning (participants visited the Scanner at the Peruvian Air Force Hospital) and
    observed the acquisition of the Rapid CMR protocol. Participants were divided into
    groups of 14 and observed live scanning for 1 hour.
  2. “Hands-on” sessions using 7 cvi42 reporting stations on Sunday 27th of January:
    Participants were divided into groups of 14 (2 participants per workstation). The
    session duration was 1 hour.
  3. Reporting session (main conference room): 55 cases were reported live with all


CMR Congress of South Africa (SACMR)

Cape Town, South Africa
November 2018

The didactic sessions were held over 5 days with the last two days dedicated to reviewing cases. The didactic sessions covered a wide variety of topics from basic acquisition, advanced topics and biomedical engineering.  Faculty included SCMR Members Ron Jacob, Katia Menacho, Ntobeko Ntusi,  and Anna Herrey.

There were a  total of 124 attendees (including delegates and faculty).  Attendees came from twelve countries (South Africa, New Zealand, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho Australia, Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria, US, UK and Peru).  The  primary specialty of the attendees were as follows: 33 radiographers, 24 radiologists, 19 cardiologists, 17 fellows, 15 biomedical engineers, 6 physicists, 8 internists with an interest in imaging, and interestingly, 2 anesthesiologists.

99 people registered for the level I program and 29 people registered for a two day case-based program with case review and live scanning, case reading and reporting with experts.

Over the weekend,  60 scans were performed over 2 days and 35 of those underwent the rapid CMR protocol, with an average scan time of about 34 minutes (in part because parametric mapping was added and several other sequences, and almost all patients had LGE imaging). The scans resulted in a change in management and diagnosis in about 15% of patients who underwent the rapid scanning protocol.


india penn hands-on cmr course- level ii

bengaluru, india

March 2019



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