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We are no longer accepting RFP submissions.


RFP Frequently asked Questions

  1. Would the SCMR consider signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that prevents disclosure of information contained in the proposals? This would allow applicants to include additional detail, and could help the SCMR make the best choice. 
    All companies planning to respond to the RFP will be asked to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement with the SCMR. Any materials submitted with your proposal will only be available to the review committee and will be held in complete confidence.
  2. Will the SCMR accept supplementary materials? For example, the RFP asks for "references documenting outstanding customer service." Can we include letters from customers outside of the page limitations? Similarly, can we submit copies of company SOPs in support of items requested by the RFP, such as data center disaster recovery procedures? 
    Yes, supplementary materials will be allowed. These can include copies of existing materials only, such as letters and SOPs, but may not include any materials developed specifically in response to the RFP.
  3. What jurisdiction is the SCMR and/or this initiative to be administered out of? Whose rules apply? Where is the preference if it matters? 
    This will be specified in the contract with the winning bidder and will indicate that New Jersey law and New Jersey courts apply to any dispute between the parties.
  4. How many members and sites are anticipated to participate? 
    The SCMR membership represents over 900 CMR centers from around the world. We are expecting that a fair number of these will opt to participate in the Registry, but this is of course dependent on the benefits that are provided through the joint efforts of the winning bidder and the SCMR.
  5. In the prospective agreement between SCMR and the potential steward/collaborator of the system infrastructure, how is impartiality intended to be addressed such that the steward and all external entities have equal access to the collected data? 
    It is the full intention of the SCMR to make the Registry data available to all for research purposes. Access to the data by commercial entities is also anticipated; however, consideration will be given to the investment and resources provided by the collaborating company in determining the cost of access by third-party, for-profit entities. It is expected that any revenue derived would be applied directly to support the registry and registry-based research.
  6. Will the respondent(s) who pose questions be identified on the RFP web site? 
    The questions will be posted anonymously without reference to the party asking the question.
  7. Would it be possible to get an example of the data included in the current registry?
    This Excel file lists the variables currently included in the SCMR Registry. This should be helpful in defining the contents of a new Registry database structure, although there may be other variables to consider. View SCMR Registry Variables.
  8. In the Database section, the RFP mentions "Automated follow-up of events (mortality, etc.) wherever possible." Would you provide more insight as to the automation the SCMR would like to see?
    One example would be automatic polling of the Social Security death index. Other, more sophisticated, automated patient follow-up might include interrogating the cause of death, or tracking cardiovascular events.
  9. In the reporting section, the RFP refers to "quality of services for each site," "comparing quality," "areas of improvement" and "measure the impact of changes in practice." Would you provide more insight as to the type of data/reports the SCMR would like to see and how quality is defined?
    These requests are related to utilization of the Registry for quality assurance purposes. For example, scan parameters could be checked against the SCMR protocol guidelines; the indication for CMR could be checked against societal appropriate use criteria and guidelines; the indication for CMR could be checked against the diagnosis.

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