Why I Donate
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why I donate
to the scmr research & Education fund






Ashish Aneja MD, FACC, FSCMR
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, MetroHealth Heart and Vascular Center, Director, Cardiac MR Program United States


"I donate because I am deeply committed to the cause of CMR and believe that CMR genuinely helps patients by correcting the diagnosis in a large percentage of patients and allows for change of treatment in a large proportion of patients. I am deeply committed to the cause of CMR. I think that we need to make CMR quicker and more easily accessible to patients. We also need to work on reducing cost. That is why I donate to the fund."         





Matthias Friedrich, MD, FSCMR
McGill University Health Centre


"I am happy that I can support the SCMR in its efforts to highlight the research of young scientists in the field of CMR. The SCMR Research Fund is a great option to help young CMR researchers and the field of CMR in general."





Tim Leiner, MD PhD, FSCMR

Utrecht University Medical Center


"Our society harbors a tremendous amount of talent. I donated to the SCMR Research and Education Fund to support state-of-the-art research into new CMR techniques that can make a difference for patients and am honored to be able to support young and enthusiastic researchers who are developing the next generation of methods and tools necessary to harness the power of CMR."






Prof. Sebastian Kozerke, FSCMR
University and ETH Zurich


"CMR has been my passion for the past 20 years. I give to help other  scientists enjoy this exciting and fascinating field. Contributions to the Fund can remove the financial barriers that the next generation of scientists and clinicians may face. Ultimately, this support benefits advances in CMR."






Scott Flamm, MD, MBA, FSCMR
Research & Education Fund Chair

Cardiovascular Imaging Laboratory Imaging Institute, Heart and Vascular Institute, Cleveland Clinic,
United States


"The SCMR is a tremendous organization, full of passionate, bright, innovative, and committed people who constantly push the frontiers of cardiovascular care. And I know of no other organization that has had such a profound impact on so many careers, advanced so much science, and fostered so many deep friendships. I am proud to support the SCMR Research and Education Fund to ensure that the Society can continue to enhance all the great things that we do together.

Won't you help support the future of CMR by making your donation today?"


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