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SCMR is looking for interesting CMR cases for publication on Case of the Week.  We are particularly interested in cases where CMR was essential in diagnosis and management. Submission of multi-imaging modality cases are encouraged.

Submitted cases will be peer-reviewed by the web committee before acceptance and can be listed as a peer reviewed web publication on CV’s. Cases published or under consideration for publication elsewhere or that have been previously presented at SCMR Scientific Sessions will not be accepted.

Cases will initially be posted on the SCMR homepage. Cases will then be available in the archive and for reference.


Please submit cases to as a text file without images. Please include a title and list all authors and their institution, town and country. 

Sections in the text should include:

a) Clinical history

b) CMR findings

c) Conclusion

d) Perspective

e) References


Image submission:

Once the text submission has been received by the COTW team, the author will receive an invitation to upload images to CloudCMR (Heart IT). Images should be uploaded in DICOM format (Google Chrome-preferred browser). The published case will include a link to the entire de-identified CMR case in CloudCMR.



Case of the Week is a peer reviewed online publication that can be listed in your CV. 

Authors name. Title of the case. Webpage corresponding to your case:
(example for Case 10-12: (go into case archive, open your case, copy & paste web address at it appears above). Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) website.  



Prior to the Annual SCMR Scientific Sessions, the COTW team will vote on semifinalists for best case of the year. Semifinalists are invited to present their case at a dedicated Case Session of the Annual Scientific Sessions. A panel consisting of the COTW team will vote on the best case, and the winner will be recognized at the closing plenary session. A great international award to list on the resume!



Editor: Dr. Sylvia Chen (Congenital and Adult CMR, Australia)

Associate Editors:

Dr. Ashish Aneja

Dr. Karima Addetia

Dr. Pranav Bhagirath (Adult CMR, Netherlands)

Dr. Madhusudan Ganigara (Congenital CMR, Australia)

Dr. Edward Hulten (Adult CMR, USA)

Dr. Tarique Hussain (Congenital/Pediatric CMR, USA)

Dr. Jason Johnson (Congenital and Adult CMR, USA)

Dr. Rebecca Kozor (Adult CMR, Australia)

Dr. Chetan Shenoy (Adult CMR, USA)

Dr. Lilia Sierra-Galan (Congenital and Adult CMR, Mexico)

Dr. Robert Tunks 


Dr. Han Kim (Adult CMR, USA)

Dr. John Grizzard (Adult CMR, USA)

Dr. David Parra (Congenital CMR, USA)

Dr. Vikas Rathi (Adult CMR, USA)

Dr. Vince Sorrell (Adult CMR, USA)

Dr. Kevin Steel (Adult CMR, USA)

Former editors:

Dr. Michael Jay Campbell   

Dr. James Moon

Dr. Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci

Dr. Vikas Rathi

Please contact for information. 

You can also contact the editors directly by looking up their email address in the member’s directory.



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