Level I Course Criteria for Directors

Information for Course Directors who seek SCMR Level I confirmation and endorsement: 

A course that is confirmed by SCMR as a Level I must meet the following criteria:

  • The course must include a minimum of 2 full days of intensive, live instruction (either in person or remotely via a video-conferencing platform) in the indications, methods, and applications of CMR.
  • The course director must be Level II or preferably Level III qualified.
  • The course must cover all topics listed in Table 1 below.
  • These topics may be presented as both didactic lecture and as case studies.

Table 1:

Topics to be covered in Level I training:

  • CMR safety: magnetic fields, contrast agents, and contraindications.
  • MRI contrast agents; mechanisms and applications
  • Flow imaging and quantitative analysis of velocity-encoded images
  • CMR of cardiovascular structure and anatomy
  • CMR of right and left ventricular function
  • CMR of myocardial infarction, scarring, and viability assessment
  • CMR of myocardial fibrosis and edema
  • Pharmacologic stress testing with CMR
  • CMR of vascular pathology, including aortic disease
  • CMR of valvular heart disease
  • CMR of pediatric and adult congenital heart disease
  • CMR in cardiomyopathies and heart failure
  • CMR in arrhythmia
  • CMR of pericardial disease
  • CMR for cardiac masses and tumors


Level I confirmation by SCMR

  • Level I confirmation and endorsement for a course may be sought by the course director providing the course syllabus and a letter verifying that the course meets the above requirements. (Template provided)
  • SCMR can additionally support the course director by providing SCMR issued Level I certificates for all attendees for a per person fee. (10 attendees or more at  $40 USD per attendee)
  • Alternately, official SCMR certification of Level I competency may be sought by attendees who apply individually for Level I – Track B and provide proof of attendance, the course syllabus and a letter from the course director verifying that the course meets the requirements. ($50 for SCMR members, $100 for non-SCMR members) In this case, the course director would need to provide attendees with a proof of attendance document and a letter attesting that the course meets the SCMR guidelines.

Course directors are encouraged to review the SCMR 2018 Training Guidelines and criteria for  Level I – Track B and then submit an endorsement request form to request Level I confirmation and/or support.

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