Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Improving global cardiovascular health by leveraging the advantages of CMR. We accomplish our mission through innovation, education, advocacy, networking, research, and clinical excellence.

Our Vision

Improved global cardiovascular health through expanded access to appropriate and sustainable utilization of CMR.

Our Values

Innovation and discovery; Multidisciplinary collaboration; Excellence in science, education, and patient care; and Diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Strategic Plan

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Who We Are

The Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) is a recognized representative and advocate for physicians, scientists, and technologists who work in the field of cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR). SCMR is the principal international, independent organization committed to the further development of CMR through education, quality control, research, and training.

Membership has grown to over 3,000 – which includes cardiologists, radiologists, technologists, scientists, engineers, and administrators from around the world.


The SCMR is an international professional society that strives to improve cardiovascular health by advancing the field of CMR. Read More.

The SCMR alongside 8 other supporting organizations recognizes the commitment to advancing healthcare equity regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or geography. Read More.

The SCMR recognizes that the shocking events in the United States and subsequent global #BlackLivesMatter protests have a profound impact on our communities. Read More.

The SCMR is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of our research-related activities. Therefore, we work to responsibly identify and manage financial conflicts of interest (FCOI). Read More about our FCOI policy and the ways that we comply with the federal Public Health Service’s (PHS) requirements for institutions that seek research funding.

The SCMR is deeply concerned about the escalating humanitarian crisis in the heart of Europe and the safety of the people of Ukraine.

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