23rd Scientific Sessions – Award Recipients

2020 SCMR Scientific Medal Award

SCMR Gold Medal Award

The Board of Trustees have named Peter Kellman and Jeanette Schulz-Menger as the 2020 SCMR Gold Medal Award recipients.

Best Image Award

The Great Mitral Wave – Gilles Jean Eugene Soulat

Northwestern University

Abstract Awards

Early Career Award – Clinical Science 

  • Independent and relative value of late gadolinium enhancement in predicting compromising ventricular arrhythmia or mortality in adults with repaired tetralogy of Fallot – Sarah Ghonim, et al.

Early Career Award – Basic Science and Technical Developments

  • Assessment of ischaemic burden in multi-vessel coronary artery disease using CMR pixelwise quantitative perfusion mapping – Tushar Kotecha, et al.

Best Moderated e-Poster

  •  Diagnostic accuracy of high resolution stress myocardial perfusion imaging with whole heart coverage at 3T – Austin Robinson, et al.

Best Technologist Abstract

  • Cardiac Mass or Aneurysmal Saphenous Vein Graft? – Bao Ru Leong

Best Web Case of the Week

  • Early Diagnosis of a Systemic Disease by CMR Prevents Complications – Arun Dahiya

JCMR Best Manuscripts Awards

13th Gerald M. Pohost Award

13th Gerald M. Pohost Award Runner-Up

3rd Dudley J. Pennell Award

3rd Dudley J. Pennell Award Runner-Up

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