CEO Transition

Looking back on the past few years as CEO of the SCMR, I take great satisfaction in the success that the Society has achieved, and am grateful for having been given the opportunity to help advance the field of CMR.  While this has been a highly rewarding role for me, I have reached a stage where I must make a choice between my position as CEO and my passion for science, and I have decided to resume my full-time dedication to research at The Ohio State University. I will be stepping down from my position as CEO of the SCMR following the 2019 Scientific Sessions.

When I accepted the position as the first CEO of the SCMR in July of 2015, I saw this as an opportunity to continue SCMR initiatives I had started while serving on the Board and EC, and also a chance to make a significant positive impact on the CMR field in ways not possible through science and technical development alone.  For the past three years it has been extremely fulfilling to work with the SCMR leadership to ramp up a number of new initiatives that are improving the member experience and increasing the impact that the SCMR has on the field.  Projects such as:

  • Redefining our mission, vision, and objectives;
  • Building the Foundations of CMR Workshop series;
  • Initiating the SPINS SCMR Registry Trial;
  • Establishing the FSCMR designation;
  • Implementing a Corporate Advisory Board to enhance the dialogue with our sponsors;
  • Expanding on-line learning offerings;
  • Developing a successful strategy to secure adequate coverage and reimbursement;
  • Synchronizing the update of key guideline documents.

These are all examples of initiatives that enable the SCMR to achieve its stated mission; To improve cardiovascular health by advancing the field of CMR.

I plan to stay actively involved in the SCMR as a volunteer in whatever roles the leadership asks of me.  The Executive Committee has already begun the process of identifying a new person to fill the CEO role; I am actively engaged in assisting them and will do everything in my power to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of projects and communication.   I can assure you that, thanks to the efforts of our member volunteers, the Society leadership, and the headquarters staff, the SCMR is on a strong course forward to continue to grow and advance the field of CMR on multiple fronts.  I thank the SCMR leadership for having given me this special opportunity to serve.


Orlando P. Simonetti, FSCMR

SCMR is now accepting applications to be considered for the Chief Executive Officer position.

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