SCMR Earns Seat in the AMA Specialty and Service Society (SSS) Caucus

SCMR is proud to announce that the Rules Committee of the American Medical Association (AMA) has accepted our application and recommends that SCMR be seated for membership in the AMA Specialty and Service Society (SSS) Caucus. SCMR will be seated on November 16, 2019, when the SSS officially votes on the AMA Rules Committee report. The SSS meets twice annually in conjunction with the Interim and Annual Meetings of the House of Delegates. The SSS includes 124 U.S. medical specialties, 2 professional interest medical associations, and 5 military service groups.

This accomplishment is a wonderful example of our U.S. physician members’ commitment to SCMR. We needed to have 10 percent of our SCMR U.S. physician members also be members of AMA, and these colleagues rallied to the cause and joined the AMA. Our campaign’s success was unprecedented and achieved its goal in just one month. SCMR is extremely grateful for this.

We look forward with pride to our full participation in SSS activities. SCMR is fortunate that Edward Martin, MD, FSCMR, Chair of our U.S. Working Group, has agreed to represent SCMR in the SSS.

As a member of the SSS, SCMR will advocate for the cardiovascular magnetic resonance community. SCMR will also participate in the cardiovascular diseases section council at AMA, joining our colleagues from ACC and other cardiovascular specialty societies as they debate and inform health care policies that will shape the future of medicine. Please stay tuned for important updates from the November 2019 meeting! More advocacy projects are well underway throughout the world and we look forward to sharing them with you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Powell, MD, FSCMR

SCMR President

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