SCMR Global Registry – Request for Proposals

The SCMR has developed and owns a Registry and database containing de-identified patient data relating CMR results to patient treatment and the practice of medicine. This registry currently contains CMR report data from ~65,000 cardiac MRI studies contributed from 17 international centers. The main goals of this registry are:

  1. Promote evidence-based utilization of CMR through a collaborative global effort.
  2. Provide a web mechanism for CMR centers to upload de-identified patient data, CMR indications, and images.
  3. Provide a mechanism of tracking patient outcomes (death, events).
  4. Support data access globally to make registry data available to the wider CMR research community.
  5. Support the mission of the SCMR.

With the recent completion of enrollment for the SPINS SCMR Registry Trial with a focus on CMR stress perfusion, an important milestone in the history of the registry has been reached and related findings will be reported later this year. The success of SPINS clearly documents both the current power of this registry, and more importantly the ability of the SCMR to gather top CMR sites to participate in such an endeavor. The SCMR now seeks to identify an industry collaborator to accommodate future growth and to continue harvesting the full potential of the registry consistent with the above goals. With the right collaborator, the SCMR anticipates that hundreds of CMR centers worldwide will seek participation in the Registry for a variety of reasons including: contributing data to prove the benefits of CMR to advance the field; use the registry as a means to verify to payers that CMR is used appropriately and meets quality standards at their institution. Collection and storage of CMR reports and image data on a larger scale, as well as a more in-depth investigation of CMR findings and their link with outcomes are on the roadmap. This collaboration will encompass public health benefit activities as well as dedicated research activities.

Therefore, this Request for Proposals (RFP) aims to identify a vendor partner with the full capability and capacity to provide the necessary services, and a solid track record of experience and success in managing patient and medical image data. Respondents to this RFP should describe their capabilities to provide the support, development, and maintenance of the Registry as necessary, consistent with the five goals listed above. The response should include a description of the manpower and services that can be brought to bear to support the infrastructure development and maintenance of a CMR Registry that could potentially include CMR reports and DICOM image data from hundreds of thousands of cases contributed by hundreds of centers worldwide. This RFP is unusual in that the SCMR does not anticipate paying a fee for this service; rather the SCMR is seeking a commercial partner or partners that will derive benefit from the Registry by mechanisms other than direct remuneration for services rendered.

Letter of intent (Deadline 27 June 2018)

A letter (email to from your company representative to the SCMR indicating your interest in responding to the RFP must be received by 11:59pm on 27 June 2018 to qualify your company to participate in the Information TCON and to submit a response. The letter (email is sufficient) needs only to express your company’s interest in potentially responding to the RFP and is not binding in any way.

All questions from respondents relating to this RFP should be emailed to Questions from respondents and subsequent replies will be copied to all parties who have submitted a letter of intent. This process will also be used to communicate any errors and omissions identified and any new information obtained.

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