SCMR Global Registry – Self Assessment Exercise

The SCMR Registry Steering Committee would like to invite SCMR members to participate in a self-assessment exercise evaluating 10 commonly encountered CMR cases.  Every case that you interpret will be compared against a consensus interpretation by several CMR experts. In addition, every reader that completes all 10 cases will receive a private report compared against the expert read and a detailed explanation of each case. The final diagnosis and the results of all available clinical workup of the 10 cases will also be provided to you.

The intent of this exercise is to assess the consistencies in CMR interpretation across geographic regions or readers’ background training.  The results may help plan the growth of future developments of the SCMR Registry.

Each participant will use their local institution’s post-processing software. The data collected for each case include left and right ventricular volumes, and qualitative assessment of segmental left ventricular wall motion, presence of edema, and late gadolinium enhancement.  These 10 cases were selected based on a theme in the assessment of cardiomyopathy.

This self-assessment exercise is not a prerequisite or criteria to joining the SCMR registry.  The data from your interpretation will not be made public. 

Please obtain access to this self-assessment exercise by following this link: The survey can be accessed by selecting the “Take Survey” link located on the bottom of the page.

Please note this self assessment exercise will be open for participation only until November 1st, 2017. If you have technical issues accessing the site or downloading the cases, feel free to email your questions or concerns to

We look forward to working with you in this collaboration.

The SCMR Registry Steering Committee

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