SCMR Level I Workshop in Houston

58 healthcare professionals gathered in Houston, Texas on December 1st and 2nd for the SCMR Foundations of CMR Level I Workshop. The 2-day workshop was organized by Co-Chairs Dr. Dipan Shah and Dr. Faisal Nabi, both from Houston Methodist Hospital. The workshop began with opening remarks by Dr. Shah, providing an overview of the workshop and the idea of going “Back to the Basics”.

The theme of the morning session was “Basics of CMR: How Does It Work?” and emphasized MRI sequences, safety, and assessment of the LV and RV function. The morning closed with an overview of the two software platforms utilized during the case sessions (provided by Arterys, Inc. and NeoSoft, LLC). Attendees then split into 3 groups and cycled between hands-on sessions focused on “Assessment of Cardiac Function and Morphology.

Following the morning sessions was a lunchtime presentation by Gay Luebchow Clarkson from Medis Medical Imaging Systems on the latest innovations for improving clinical workflow. The afternoon sessions focused on Ischemia and Nonischemic Heart Disease along with the first Potpouri session covering pertinent CMR topics; Tom Melle presented a session titled Machine Learning and New Features of 5.9 Supported by NeoSoft. During the final session of the day attendees worked on cases focusing on cardiomyopathies. Day one concluded with all participants, faculty, and sponsors enjoying time to networking during the evening reception.

Day two began with several expert sessions covering CMR In Valvular Heart Disease. Next, Steven Wolff presented a session “Speed and Accuracy: How Deep Should Your Learning Be?” supported by NeoSoft, LLC. Attendees then split up for the first case sessions of the day covering valvular heart disease. The lunch presentation covered the Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents (GBCAs): Update and Understanding by Gregory Wilson and supported by UM Medical Affairs for Bayer HealthCare. The final set of didactic sessions covered CMR in the Evaluation and Management of Patients with varying diagnosis followed by the last set of cases highlighting the speakers most interesting cases.  Co-chairs Dr. Dipan Shah and Dr. Faisal Nabi wrapped up the workshop with key take-a-ways and review questions.

Future Level I Workshops are being planned. Check back to for future updates.


  • Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center
    • Benjamin Cheong, MD
    • Raja Muthupillai, PhD
  • Carnegie Hill Radiology
    • Steven Wolff, MD, PhD
  • Houston Methodist Hospital
    • Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD
    • Mohammad Chamsi-Pasha, MD
    • Mohamad G. Ghosn, PhD
    • Faisal Nabi, MD (Program Co-Chair)
    • Dipan J. Shah, MD (Program Co-Chair)
    • Eric Y. Yang, MD, PhD
    • Yang Zhan, MD
    • William Zoghbi, MD
  • MD Anderson
    • Juan Lopez-Mattei, MD
  • Oklahoma Heart Institute
    • Ted Martin, MD
  • San Antonio Military Medical Center
    • Kevin Steel, MD
  • Seton Heart Institute
    • Kamran Shaikh, MD
  • University of Texas Health Sciences Center
    • Danai Kitkungvan, MD
  • University of Texas Southwestern
    • Ron Peshock, MD


  • Arterys, Inc.
  • Bayer
  • Circle Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Guerbet
  • Heart Imaging Technologies
  • Medis Medical Imaging
  • NeoSoft, LLC
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