Frank Wiessmann
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The SCMR community and all his dear friends and colleagues mourn the death of Frank Wiesmann, MD, who died in 2005 at the age of 39 after a long battle with cancer.

Frank was a unique individual, a great scientist, dedicated clinician, and loving husband and father. Frank grew up in Franconia, near Wurzburg, Germany, where he also went to medical school. Working with MR Physicist Axel Haase as well as clinical academics Stefan Neubauer and Georg Ertl, he discovered his love for cardiac MR. Frank was the first to apply CMR to the study of transgenic mice. His early papers on this technique were seminal to establishing this field. Frank also spent a year with Dudley Pennell at the Royal Brompton Hospital to work on coronary MRI, and with Stefan Neubauer, now in Oxford, to work on atherosclerosis imaging. His publications are landmark papers in the field and have influenced many of us. Frank was the SCMR young investigator award winner in 2004 in recognition of his research achievements. Following his death, SCMR Young Investigator award sessions were held in his honor for several years.

Frank was a great friend to those who knew him, and his cheeky sense of humour was unique. Above all, however, Frank was a wonderful family man, deeply devoted to his wife and three children. Frank had so much more to give, and he left us far too early. Those of us who were lucky enough to meet him can take comfort in the fact that we knew such a wonderful colleague and scientist.

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