Recognizing Your Years of Hard Work, Dedication, and Impact to the CMR Field

The Master of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (MSCMR) credential is reserved for those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding scientific, educational, and/or clinical accomplishments in the field of CMR, distinguished service to the Society, and continuous membership over an extended period of time.  Candidates for the MSCMR award must have served as leaders of SCMR committees or as members of the Board of Trustees.  Contributions to the field and to the Society are expected to be exceptionally high.  MSCMR recipients are expected to have made cardiovascular MRI (CMR) a career focus.




  • Entitlement to use designation of Master (MSCMR) on business cards, curriculum vitae, and other professional documents.
  • Ability to promote your status. MSCMR members receive an MSCMR certificate to display in their office.
  • Recognition in the SCMR community. New MSCMR awardees will be publicized in the SCMR Newsletter.List of all MSCMRs will be visibly and permanently posted on the SCMR website.
  • Ability to be located by the public. MSCMRs will be listed on the SCMR on-line Patient Information Portal (under development).
  • MSCMR recognition on name badges at SCMR meetings and in the SCMR Scientific Sessions Final Program
  • MSCMR lapel pins
  • Recognition as a new MSCMR awardee at SCMR’s Annual Business Meeting during the SCMR Scientific Sessions.
  • The right to use the MSCMR designation and any MSCMR benefits are only available while the recipient is an active fellow of the SCMR.

Basic MSCMR Criteria

  • Member in good standing for 10 years as full member.
  • Trainee or associate membership years cannot count toward total
  • Excellence in CMR science, education, advocacy, or clinical practice mandatory.
  • Leadership on Society programs, committees, publications, or BOT member.
  • FSCMR designation as a pre-requisite.
  • Gold Medal and Past-Presidents will be granted automatic MSCMR status without the need for an application process.

Submission Process:

  • Two letters of sponsorship from two current SCMR members
  • Current CV (see formatting requests below).
  • Documents* to be submitted as one PDF file to SCMR headquarters before September 1st
  • Application fee: NONE

Review Process:

  • Membership Committee privately evaluates applications & recommends to the Board.
  • Merits of application will be assessed across four categories.Exceptional strength is expected in one or more category, although it is not necessary to demonstrate achievements in every category.Sponsorship letters should characterize applicant achievements according to the criteria set forth below, with summary statistics where applicable. Letters of nomination and CV should highlight major achievements in CMR and leadership roles within SCMR.
    • Service and Advocacy
      • Duration of service on committees or at SCMR sponsored events and meetings
      • Degree of responsibility entailed by committee or meeting positions
      • Description of advocacy efforts undertaken on behalf of SCMR
    • Teaching and mentorship
      • Duration of active teaching
      • Determination of frequency, scope, originality and scale of lectures
      • Number of mentees and to what extent they have remained in practice of CMR
    • Research
      • Assess whether the applicant’s research has impacted the clinical practice of CMR or has led to new insights related to the heart and cardiovascular disease. Highlight patents on commonly utilized pulse sequences or software products.
      • Highlight and summarize notable high-impact first author or senior author research papers or guideline statements.
      • Volume of research and intensity of collaborations will be considered.
    • Clinical practice
      • The Society recognizes the value of regional CMR clinical programs of excellence in forwarding broader adoption and utilization of CMR. Describe growth rate of referrals.
      • Applicants should be respected regional leaders of CMR practice.Highlight local leadership, collaborations or advocacy efforts.
  • The above criteria will be considered as a function of intensity of effort across time.
    • 10-year members: Extraordinary.Achievements would be familiar outside of the Society, within broader scope of practice of cardiology, medicine, engineering, physics or radiology; service to the Society at the highest levels of responsibility.
    • 15-year members: Outstanding. Remarkable clinical or research achievements; exceptional teaching success; volunteer efforts within the Society reliable and broadly recognized.
    • 20+-year members: Impactful. Consistent commitment to the Society and to the practice of CMR. Activities should go beyond day-to-day clinical practice.


CV Formatting

  • On first page, please describe 10 or fewer notable accomplishments in field of CMR or in Society service.
  • Within each relevant CV category (invited lectures, peer reviewed publications, abstracts, book chapters), please separate achievements into CMR-Related, Other Imaging (including “multimodality” topics), and Non-Imaging subheadings.Accomplishments focused primarily on clinical topics but with an imaging focus (e.g. “Risk Stratification in Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathies”) should be included in Other Imaging category.

Sample sponsorship letters

Award process


  • At the Annual Scientific Sessions
    • MSCMR awards will be bestowed by the Society President on behalf of the Board during the SCMR Scientific Sessions.



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