Publications Committee Proposals

Timeline and process for proposals sent to the publication committee

1.Written proposal submitted to Publications Committee
2.Proposal reviewed by Publications Committee to determine suitability for SCMR endorsement. The
Publications Committee responds 4 weeks to the corresponding author with recommendations
4 weeks
3.Corresponding author responds to the recommendations of the Publications Committee
4.The Publication Committee reviews the corresponding authors response and if response is acceptable
asks the Executive Committee to review the proposal
5.SCMR Executive Committee review of proposal and recommendation with decision sent to the Publications
Committee and the cor- 4 weeks responding author. The Executive Committee may suggest SCMR board or
Executive Committee members as additional co-authors
4 weeks
6.Writing of guideline, expert consensus, white paper and expert consensus3-12 months
7. Review by Publication Committee with feedback:

  • Initial version of manuscript reviewed by 3-4 reviewers as selected by the Publications Committee as well as chair of Publications Committee/representing delegate
  • Reviews of the Publications Committee sent to corresponding authors
4 weeks
8.Authors revise manuscript and response to Publication Committee8-12 weeks
9.Resubmission reviewed by the Publications Committee chair. Re-review by external reviewers performed
at discretion of Publication
4 weeks
10.Feedback from the Publications Committee sent to the Executive Committee for manuscript review2 weeks
11.Communication with authors regarding manuscript acceptance and/or revisions needed
12.Final Publication Committee approved manuscript submitted to JCMR for review by the editor-in-chief,
editorial changes with feed- 4 weeks back directly to the author
4 weeks

*Typical 3-6 months for white paper and 6-18 months for guideline or expert consensus.

Please submit all proposals to Rachel Schuster.

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