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SCMR is looking for interesting CMR cases for publication on Cases of SCMR.  We are particularly interested in cases where CMR was essential in diagnosis and management. Submission of multi-imaging modality cases are encouraged.

Submitted cases will be peer-reviewed by the web committee before acceptance and can be listed as a peer reviewed web publication on CV’s. Cases published or under consideration for publication elsewhere or that have been previously presented at SCMR Scientific Sessions will not be accepted.

Cases will initially be posted on the SCMR homepage. Cases will then be available in the archive and for reference.

Best Cases-of-SCMR Prize

Prior to the Annual SCMR Scientific Sessions, the Cases of SCMR team will vote on semifinalists for best case of the year. Semifinalists are invited to present their case at a dedicated Case Session of the Annual Scientific Sessions. A panel consisting of the Cases of SCMR team will vote on the best case, and the winner will be recognized at the closing plenary session. A great international award to list on the resume!

All published cases for the year will be collated and published in JCMR the following year. View the 2019 and 2020 JCMR articles. 

How To Submit a Case

Information for Authors

Please click the link ‘Submit Case’ below to begin the submission process. All cases should be submitted as text in the form fields (Uploading one word document with all the text in the format listed below is also acceptable)

Please include a title and list all authors and their emailinstitution, town and country.**

**No addendums will be made to the author list once the case is officially submitted.
Maximum of three (3)  authors per case

Sections in the text should include:

  1. Clinical History – Description of the case presentation that led to the decision to obtain a CMR. Please include descriptions of other imaging modalities pertinent to the clinical history.
  2. CMR Findings – Detailed description of the CMR findings. Please choose key still frames that highlight the CMR findings to be submitted separately.
  3. Conclusion – Final CMR impression.  Update on the current clinical status of the patient is encouraged.
  4. Perspective – Discussion of the CMR findings that led to the clinical diagnosis.  Discussion of key learning points from the case with references.
  5. References

Key Images:

Please include a few separate key images of the CMR findings to highlight the importance of the case. Before uploading, be sure that the File names correlate to the Figure Numbers in the text.

Please upload images and files in JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, or AVI/MPG format.


Image Submission:

Once the text and key images submission has been received by the Cases of SCMR team, the Editor will review the submission.  If the case will be considered for full review, the author will receive an invitation to upload THE COMPLETE DE-IDENTIFIED CMR STUDY to CloudCMR (Heart IT).

THE COMPLETE DE-IDENTIFIED CMR STUDY should be uploaded in DICOM format (Google Chrome-preferred browser). The published case will include a link to the entire de-identified CMR case in CloudCMR.*

*Please email any concerns regarding patient confidentiality to

Review Process:

Once THE COMPLETE DE-IDENTIFIED CMR STUDY has been uploaded to CloudCMR, a Cases of SCMR Associate Editor will create the preliminary webpage from the submitted text and designated key CMR images.  The preliminary webpage will be reviewed by the web committee prior to acceptance.

How to reference a case on your CV

Cases of SCMR is a peer reviewed online publication that can be listed in your CV. 

Authors name. Title of the case. Webpage corresponding to your case:

(example for Case 22-01: (go into case archive, open your case, copy & paste web address at it appears above). Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) website.

Current Team, Cases of SCMR

Editor-in-Chief: Jason Johnson (USA)

Associate Editor: Dr. Rebecca Kozor (Adult CMR, Australia)

Editorial Board Members:

  • Dr. Anna Baritussio (Adult CMR, Italy)
  • Dr. Pranav Bhagirath (Adult CMR, Netherlands)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Dendy (Adult CMR, USA)
  • Dr. Madhusudan Ganigara (Congenital CMR, USA)
  • Dr. Avanti Gulhane
  • Dr. Edward Hulten (Adult CMR, USA)
  • Dr. Eric Romberg
  • Dr. Robert Tunks (Congenital/Paediatric CMR, USA)


  • Dr. Han Kim (Adult CMR, USA)
  • Dr. Nilesh Ghugre (CMR Scientist, Canada)
  • Dr. Sean Hughes (Adult CMR, USA)
  • Dr. David Parra (Congenital CMR, USA)
  • Dr. Vikas Rathi (Adult CMR, USA)
  • Dr. Chetan Shenoy (Adult CMR, USA)

Former editors:

  • Dr. Michael Jay Campbell
  • Dr. James Moon
  • Dr. Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci
  • Dr. Vikas Rathi

Please contact  for information.

You can also contact the editors directly by looking up their email address in the member’s directory.

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