SCMR Registry Paper Published on the SPINS Trial

The first paper from the SCMR registry data, “Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Stress Perfusion Imaging for Evaluation of Patients With Chest Pain“, has been published. The paper is based on the SPINS trial conducted via the registry (learn more about the trial). SPINS is a multicenter study in the United States retrospectively evaluating the prognostic value of stress CMR and its downstream healthcare costs when performed in patients with stable chest pain syndromes. The study comprised a consecutive cohort of 2,349 patients from 13 centers of diverse practice settings,who were followed for cardiac events and healthcare costs over a target of >4 years.  In 1,583 patients (67%) who had no ischemia or infarction, cardiac death or non-fatal MI occurred in <1% annually and coronary revascularization in <3% annually, across all years of study follow-up.  These patients had low average cost spent on subsequent ischemia testing across all years of follow-up, consistent across the practice environments of the participating centers.
In this multicenter U.S. cohort with stable chest pain syndromes, stress CMR performed at experienced centers offers effective cardiac prognostication. Patients without CMR ischemia or LGE experienced a low incidence of cardiac events, little need for coronary revascularization, and low spending on subsequent ischemia testing. These results support the high clinical utility of stress CMR for ischemia assessment in the US. When taken together with complementary results from large prospective randomized controlled trials, SPINS contributes to the growing body of evidence that CMR offers high diagnostic yield, excellent cardiac prognostication, and substantial cost savings by avoiding unnecessary additional testing.

Thank you to Raymond Kwong, lead author and principle investigator, Orlando P. Simonetti, the former SCMR CEO, the participating sites, and Siemens Healthineers and Bayer for supporting the trial.

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