2017 SCMR Scientific Sessions - Award Recipients
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Best Image Award

"Pop heArt"

Rohin Francis

Royal Free Hospital, London


SCMR President's Award

Dudley Pennell - JCMR Editor


Gold Medal Award

Nathaniel Reicheck MD, FACC, FAHA


Seed Grant Award

Gabriella Captur
Barts Heart Centre, London, UK

Mapping by Dark Blood SASHA- A Novel Quantitative Biomarker for Investigating Lamin DCM


Yibin Xie
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, USA

Highly-Efficient Quantitative CMR Evaluation of Coronary Atherosclerosis


Early Career Award – Clinical Oral Abstract Session 9

Alexander Liu
University of Oxford, Oxford, England

CMR Perfusion Imaging Objectively Diagnoses Microvascular Ischaemia – Novel Validation against Invasive Index of Microvascular Resistance (IMR)


Early Career Award – Basic Science Oral Abstract Session 2

Sophia Cui
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA

MRI Assessment of Coronary Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) Function Using T1 Mapping


Early Career Award- Translational Oral Abstract Session 5

Thomas Treibel
University College London, London, England

Building Understanding Of The Myocardial Phenotype: ECV, LGE And Biopsy Measure Complementary But Overlapping Aspects – A 133 Biopsy Severe Aortic Stenosis Study


Best Walking Poster

Dominik Guensch
Bern University Hospital, Inselspital, University of Bern, Switzerland

Safety and Feasibility of Breathing Maneuvers to Detect Inducible Ischemia in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease - A Pilot Study using Oxygenation-Sensitive CMR 


Best Technologist Abstract

Yiying Han

National Heart Hospital, Singapore, Singapore

Pouch in the Heart


Best Web Case of the Year

Felipe Kazmirczak

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Organization of Intracardiac Thrombus: Insight from Inside a Giant Left Ventricular Pseudoaneurysm



Gerald Pohost JCMR Best Manuscript Award              

Shazia Hussain

Perfusion Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and Fractional Flow Reserve in Patients with Angiographic Multi-vessel Coronary Artery Disease

Regional Travel Awards

Bashir Alaour

Nahla Ali

Mounes Aliyari Ghasabeh

Anish Bhuva

Robert Biederman

Malenka Bissell

Alessandra Borlotti

Heerajnarain Bulluck

Sainan Cheng

Anthony Christodoulou

William Critchley

Sophia Cui

Livia de Castro

Zixin Deng

Asmaa Elsayed Ahmed

Tamas Erdei

Oluwatosin Fatusin

Amardeep Ghosh Dastidar

Gaurav Gulsin

Pankaj Gupta

Tarik Hafyane

Fiona Hamilton

Kai Homer

Chenxi Hu

Till Huelnhagen

Kimberly Kallianos

Anderson Kuo

Thu-Thao Le

Felicity Lee

Mary Mahrous


Kenneth Mangion

Ana Martinez-Naharro

Jacqueline Meeks

Sabrina Nordin

Giovanna Nordio

Jose Ricardo Po

Preeti Ramachandran

Jennifer Rayner

Eva Sammut

Jaime Shaw

Amita Singh

Thiago Souza

Nick Spath

Thomas Treibel

Juliet Varghese

Leena Vimala


Thank you to the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering for grant R13EB023789: Scholarship and Mentorship Expansion at the 20th SCMR Scientific Sessions.

This grant has helped to fund Regional Travel Awards for 50 attendees, with special emphasis on support for women and underrepresented minorities.

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