2019 SCMR Scientific Sessions - Award Recipients
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2019 SCMR Scientific Session Award Recipients

SCMR Gold Medal Award

The Board of Trustees have named Orlando Simonetti the 2019 SCMR Gold Medal Award recipient.


As an inventor, his early endeavors led to the gold-standard techniques for cine imaging using SSFP and delayed enhancement using inversion recovery pulse sequences to visualize myocardial delayed enhancement patterns. His seminal paper on the inversion recovery LGE is one of the 100 most-cited articles in medical imaging literature. 


As a mentor, Lon has helped sculpt the careers of several trainees from different backgrounds. His other endeavors and achievements as teacher/mentor include the multiple invited educational talks on CMR technologies by several societies and has been voted “best-teacher” by the audience multiple times. He has authored several invited review articles that have since been highly cited.


Dr. Simonetti is a strong believer in collaboration among cardiologists, radiologists, physicists,engineers, and also across academia and industry. His advocacy for CMR in numerous societies spanning the breadth of technological and clinical disciplines has been pivotal in the rapid progress of and a sustained momentum in the continuous maturity of CMR technology, clinical research and adoption of CMR to benefit patients. He was awarded the Fellow of the ISMRM in 2010, and Fellow of AHA in 2012 in recognition of his efforts to advance and translate MRI technology in the field of cardiovascular medicine.


Lon has harnessed his leadership skills to the service of SCMR in various roles such as Education committee’s Co-Chair, as International Outreach Co-Chair, Annual Meeting Program Committee,Publications committee, Finance committee, Newsletter Editor, Editorial Board of JCMR, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, and as President in 2014. In 2016, SCMR Executive Committee recognized Dr. Simonetti’s services and potential to take CMR to the next level by selecting him as the first CEO of SCMR. In this role, Dr. Simonetti has been tirelessly focusing on strategic issues and initiatives to advance the field of CMR and achieve the goals of societies, the most prominent being the initiative to improve CMR reimbursements, a move that, if successful, will make CMR accessible to thousands of patients.


“It was not until Lon produced the IR LGE sequence in collaboration with Ray Kim and Bob Judd in Chicago that the value of that approach was fully realized. Similarly, the transition from GRE cine to SSFP cine, another product of Lon’s efforts in Chicago, had an enormous impact on the field.” - Dr. Nathaniel Reichek 


Best Image Award


Eric Schrauben, PhD

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

Abstract Awards

Early Career Award - Clinical Oral Abstract

Antonio Ferreira - The amount of late gadolinium enhancement outperforms current guideline-recommended criteria in the identification of patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at risk of sudden cardiac death

Early Career Award - Basic Science Oral Abstract

Hsin-Jung Yang - Mapping Myocardial Oxygenation Reactivity with Highly Time-Resolved Beat-by-Beat, Free-breathing, Ungated T2 CMR at 3T

Early Career Award - Translational Oral Abstract

Giulia Ginami - Non-contrast Enhanced Simultaneous Bright- and Black-blood 3D Whole-heart MRI for Arterial and Venous Anatomy Assessment in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease

Best Moderated e-Poster

Nicole Seiberlich - Cardiac CINE Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting

Best Technologist Abstract

Raj Kumar Soundarajan - Incidental finding of double aortic arch: a quick cardiac MRI protocol for cardiovascular assessment

Best Case of the Week

Steve Muyskens - Levoatrialcardinal vein with normal intracardiac anatomy. A case of misidentification.


JCMR Best Manuscript Awards

12th Gerald M. Pohost Award

Wenjia Bai and colleagues - Automated cardiovascular magnetic resonance image analysis with fully convolutional networks

12th Gerald M. Pohost Award Runner-Up

Rui Guo and colleagues - Three-dimensional free breathing whole heart cardiovascular magnetic resonance T1 mapping at 3T

2nd Dudley J. Pennell Award

Florian Andre and colleagues - Age- and gender-related normal left ventricular deformation assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance feature tracking

2nd Dudley J. Pennell Award Runner-Up

Oliver Bruder and colleagues - 2015 Update on Acute Adverse Reactions to Gadolinium based Contrast Agents in Cardiovascular MR. Large Multi-National and Multi-Ethnical Population Experience With 37788 Patients from the EuroCMR Registry

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