Letter of Certification
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Documentation required to obtain the SCMR Letter of Certification Level II or III CMR with SCMR:

  1. Fellowship completion letter
  2. Institutional or other verification of number of primary and secondary case review reads. You do not need to provide the actual case review reads.
  3. Letters of completion or other verification of completion of the appropriate number of hours in CMR related coursework.
  4. Copies of appropriate board certifications or licenses.
  5. CV or resume.

To apply use the form below and submit a copy of each of the documents to SCMR headquarters.

Once the complete documentation is received at SCMR Headquarters, the file is submitted to the panel of reviewers to ensure compliance with the current training guidelines.

Once the form is complete and your document(s) uploaded, you will submit your payment.

The administrative fee for SCMR Members* is $250.00 USD and $450.00 USD for SCMR nonā€members
*To receive the member discount, you must sign in before completing the submission form.* 

If you have any questions, please contact SCMR Headquarters at hq@scmr.org

Below are example templates for letter writers attesting to the successful completion of SCMR requirements:

SCMR Level II Template

SCMR Level III Template 

COCATS 4 Task Force 8:Training in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging- Journal of the American College of Cardiology

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